10 July 2012

alex's room clean and organized

Now to show off the complete picture that is Alex's room. I love his storage. I need to add the labels to the bins but they have all been cleaned out. whew.

He was asking if we had left the chair in his room since I didn't show it before. I didn't want him to see some things that were waiting for the donation pile. So I had to take one of the chair waiting for us to cuddle up and read books in.

His bed covered with his friends. They are all waiting for him to return from his vacation and play with them.

His desk all ready for action.

His animal storage from IKEA. I put all his Webkinz and Build a Bear Smallfry's in there. Good thing we put the hook into a stud so it can hold fifty pounds as I am sure we are there with all those creatures!!

I think he is going to be so happy to play in this room when he comes home. I can't wait to see him.

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  1. We bought those very same things from IKEA and had to put the holders in studs as well!! Good grief, his room looks amazing, I'd prefer that one over mine any day!!!!