17 July 2012

artist in the spotlight

Going back in time here. Not too far but not today either. At the elementary school, the art teacher posts three artists in the spotlight on the bulletin boards near her room. It's always fun to see the kids work and how proud they are to have their art showcased. Kira had been trying to get featured since first grade but hadn't really seen it through. They have to have four or five art pieces complete to be showcased. After that I am not totally sure on the rules, but she had not made it a big issue.

That is until she realized that she was in fifth grade and wouldn't be back for another year to try. That's good motivation. She was finally an artist in the spotlight. Here are her works of art.

She is loving working with just pencil and paper. No color. But her details are amazing!

This was the picture used for her display.

And here she is in front of her artwork. So cute!! Very proud of my little girl and her amazing talent. She has got to get it from hubby since I can't draw stick figures. While she has been on vacation, hubby and I have picked her up a couple of sketch notebooks and some drawing pencils. Hopefully this will keep her motivated and working with her talent. I love my girl!


  1. I love your girl too! She is very talented and your entire family should be proud of the gift of art God has given her! Way to go Kira! Can't wait to see more wonderful works of art from you!

  2. SHE DID IT!!!!! Niiiiiice, Kira!! Does she even know that she's got mommy's virtual {at least we've met though!!} friends lovin' on her?!?!

    I can barely draw stick figures, seriously, even after all this time! And it's all in the details...she done us all proud!!

  3. That is so awesome! I LOVE the dog catching the frisbee.. we should make it into a digi stamp and sell them! LOL