11 July 2012

the evolution of a corner

We'll take the playroom redo a little at a time. I know I have teased with other posts but I'll share the whole room by the time we finish. Promise.

This is the corner that I have had a love/ hate relationship with since we moved into this house twelve years ago. We couldn't put much there since the A/C unit was there as well as a heater. We have toyed with the idea of removing the A/C unit but it is one of those industrial types that probably weighs over a ton if not more. It works however our electric bill goes up by at least $100 if we use it. Serious energy sucker. Plus we had the piano here and the music in a bin next to the heater where things ended being piled on top of it. Spiders, cobwebs and a mess lived there.

We removed everything and went ahead and cleaned the wall and painted.

Looks so much better painted. Love the color. Peanut Butter by Behr at Home Depot. And you can see the freshly cleaned carpet too. I am beginning to love this corner again.

Here's what it looked like before we finished moving the piano to the other side of the room. That beast is heavy. The entertainment center and the Expedit cubes are from IKEA. Love them both. Again... still hating the A/C unit.

Hubby got the electronics all installed for the kiddos. We moved the Wii upstairs so that the kiddos can play and the tv in the family room can be used at the same time! Woohoo.

Here it is all set to go! A couple of curtain panels later and I can live with the A/C  unit. Hubby also added the stereo to the top of the center. Love having their DVD's all organized and together in those two wicker bins. Their Pokemon DVD's are in the drawer below the bins and the Wii accessories are under the Wii games.

So excited to take pictures of the kids enjoying this space. I LOVE IT!!


  1. Good lord that paint looks good enough to EAT! I can totally see why you loooove that corner now!

  2. Way to go! And what a smart idea for covering the A/C!!