04 July 2012

masterpieces and update

We finally were able to pick up Alex's penguin from To Your Art's Content. When we went to pick everything up from Kira's birthday party, the penguin they gave us was not Alex's. It was blue and it said Alex on the bottom, but it was not MY Alex's penguin.

Victoria at TYAC was wonderful in tracking down our missing penguin pal. Seems there was another Alex in the week before Kira's party and that Alex had also done a penguin. Kid you not. Both pieces were fired together and then packaged up. However, our penguin was sent to a different Alex while we received theirs. The mom had come in to pick up their penguin but she wasn't there when the penguin was painted (grandma had brought Alex in to paint a penguin) The mom was more than happy to pick up the correct penguin and return ours. 

We are so happy to have Pippi Confetti Polka Dot Foltz home with us. Isn't he adorable??

Better front shot. Daddy helped with the eyebrows since Alex insisted he have eyebrows and the polka dots since the paint bottles were a little hard to squeeze. But Alex picked out all the colors for the polka dots. I think he did amazingly well. Love the green feet!!

And here is Kira's creation. Such a lovely tabby. Or is that a striped tiger? I'll have to ask.

Once the kiddos get back home, I am going to take them to TYAC and get them signed up for their Picasso club. They get six months of unlimited studio time, discount off of what they want to paint and a free snack every time they visit. I'm going to sign myself up as well for the adult painting club. I think it will be fun and I do believe we shall be making some Christmas gifts!!

A quick picture of the kitchen. Yes there is less stuff hanging around in there. Hoping to make it much less tomorrow. I see a stop to Goodwill in my future to donate a bunch of stuff.

We did manage to finish painting the hallway and the attic door. Looks a thousand times better! We'll hang up the pictures on Friday to give the walls a good chance to dry. I hate pulling the paint off when I remove a picture frame.

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