27 July 2012

what a difference a day can make

Same tree... different day.

Still totally amazing.

Working my way through my Boyd Lake pictures. Figuring out which ones to share. It would help if I could concentrate and just do it. I keep getting distracted. Must be the kids. They are always wanting to eat. I mean seriously... didn't I just feed you breakfast? And now you want a snack? oh my. This parenting thing is tough.

Off to the kitchen. The natives are hungry.... again.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome picture, and I do particularly love that type of tree, just in case you were wondering ;->

    Lady, if I had $1 for every time that during the day these kids say 'I'm hungry' I wouldn't have to work again. Braeden can now eat more than I do; uhh, that being said, I don't actually eat much anymore since I can't have the yummy, horrible carbs anymore that were keeping me fat!! He and his sister are still kids, ya know? So they still get to indulge since 88% of the time they eat balanced meals.

    If Braeden eats the way his dad ate at that age and beyond??????? We're in deeeeeep trouble LOL