13 July 2012

final look of the playroom

Let's just start back at the beginning....

Now looking down the hall. We have had something against the wall with the pictures since we have moved into the house. It is beyond strange to see nothing there. Yet it is somehow calming. I love this space now.

The kids entertainment area of the playroom. Total kid friendly. But I do think they need a table to play games on and eat a snack on. Maybe this one... not that I am planning my next trip to IKEA or anything. :) We covered up the ugly A/C unit and I think it helps so much.

The kids new chairs. We picked them up at Walmart. $20 Big Joe chairs. They rock. I am thinking I may need a couple more for our family room. And each kiddo gets a new popcorn bucket with M&M's on them (and inside) Those are also from Walmart.

And our Expedit unit. They don't have this one online but I linked to the next bigger one. Thank goodness I didn't get that or we would not have had any room! The last three cubbies will hold their arts and crafts stuff... once I get it all together and in storage pieces. Next project on the list.

Thanks for checking out our new and improved playroom. I am beyond happy with it.


  1. That room looks way too amazing for words. What time should we be over tonight?

  2. Anytime! I'll leave the door unlocked for you all.

  3. What an awesome transformation!! Don't you just love IKEA!!!