19 July 2012

almost forgot

We have finally gotten the kids art hung! Three of Kira's pieces have been framed and waiting to be hung somewhere and we found the spot. Right near their bedrooms. I think they will be very happy to see this display.

The top two on the main wall are Kira's creations from last year's Painters Club. The bottom is Alex's from the school wide art show that was held in March. The kindergartners did pictures in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe. I think he did pretty darn good.

This is a shot of the side wall artwork.

All of these are Kira's creations from the elementary's school Painters Club. The top and bottom are from this year and the squirrel is from last year. I LOVE THAT SQUIRREL!! She did such an amazing job on it. The top picture is a dog scene she made during the Painters Club field trip. The bottom flower was the last thing they painted.

I love my creative children.

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  1. Those are seriously wonderful creations! Can I just say that the bottom flower that Kira painted has just really caught my eye!!! The colors? The shapes? I don't know, maybe it's brought out the schizophrenic in me, but I sure do like it :)