15 July 2012

july sketch challenge

This month we were challenged to do a layout choosing one of three single sketches. The challenge was to take one of the sketches and make it a two pager by flipping the sketch for the second page. oh the fun!!  I have kept the other two sketches as well and hope to create them sometime.

Anywho... here is the sketch I picked. 

And here is what I did with it.

That was our lawn December 2008. Yup... I am so far behind soon I may catch up with myself. LOL I wanted to use some Christmas embellies but all the ones I had were the wrong colors so I opted for the flowers. I think Alex will forgive me for them. And there are now five less pictures in my pile looking at me. Always a good thing!!


  1. Love it Terri! I am now trying to decide which sketch to use myself. Want to try to get mine done today. hugs

  2. Awesome! Hey, I recognize those papers LOL!!!