05 July 2012

alex's room during

Today was the fun of organizing Alex's room. Really it wasn't that it was messy, but that things did not have a home to be put away. I will say that Alex does quite well with keeping his room together and putting his toys away. We only run into a problem when new toys come into the house and they need a home.

I hope he'll be happy to see his work bench and easel are in his room and easily accessible to him and only him. I also cleaned out the white bins next to the easel as well as the bins in the storage cubes next to the tool bench. Lots of reorganizing there to make better use of the bins.

One side of his closet. I think he'll be happy to see so many toys hanging out where he can grab them and go. And I managed to leave a little bit of space for his laundry basket.

Other side of the closet. The blue lidded tub has his Pokemon figures inside. The three white bins have Wonder Pets, Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse toys in them.

One of the drawers in his bed. Not sure why the picture turned itself when it loaded here.

The bottom drawer with the heavier Disney Car toys. I tried to keep Tow Mater on top since his tow cable always seems to be bent or broken.

Another drawer full of Mack goodness. So happy these have a place to live instead of on the floor where I was always tripping over them.

The last drawer. Just a bunch of fun stuff that Alex loves. Ignore my awful toes in the shot. I need a pedi badly. Maybe next week.

I need to get the IKEA blue plush holder installed to finish up Alex's room as I have pulled a bunch of his animal friends to be relocated. Hoping to pick up a hook tomorrow so I can complete his room and get myself headed to Kira's.


  1. Looks like Michaels room.. A bunch of toys in dresser drawers LOL!! Glad you are getting so much done!

  2. Wowy, you have been sooooo busy! Everything looks great; there's just something about the unification and linearity of organization that appeals to me LOL LOL