06 July 2012

floating in nana's pool

What a great vacation the kids are having with my parents. Relaxing. Swimming. Playing. Ice cream before bed. Swimming. Stella's Diner on Fridays. It is all good. They are making some fantastic memories. And my dad is doing his duty to keep me in pictures of all their adventures!! Thought I would share a couple with you all.

Here is my little man. I think we could put a couple more kids in there with him! Such a little thing. Love my peanut.

And here is my little lady. Looking mighty fine hanging in the pool. Love my munchkin.

Today I began cleaning up Kira's room. oh my. I seriously think we have every single Littlest Pet Shop animal ever made. I had to pick up many... many little critters today. I wished them well and shoved them back into their storage bin. Then I had to tackle the enormous amount of accessories that come with these pets. oh my word!! I think we are good with LPS.... FOREVER! I know she won't think so, but I sure do.

The good news is that this year it is not a trash dump like last year. It is more of putting things back where they belong and giving her new storage spaces for some things. Half a closet done and all the storage bins are cleaned up. Under the bed storage is done too. Hoping to crank through the desk, dresser and other half of the closet tomorrow.

Hubby wants to shampoo the rugs in the kids rooms so I gotta get these rooms done. Plus the kiddos want to see pictures of their rooms and the new improved playroom. Right now there is a large pile of Goodwill donation items in the middle of the playroom so no pictures of that will be posted. Out of sight... out of mind. Works for me!!

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