30 July 2012

where i want to be

Yup... this is it... right where I want to be today. Not sure why since today has been a pretty decent day with the kiddos and the weather. I think I want to hang with my twin again. Missing her. 

I took this picture after the rain cleared up before the sun went down. Look how calm and still the lake is. Simply beautiful.

Then the sunset came. Seriously it was overcast all day and yet this is what happened at sunset. Totally amazing and peaceful.

The next morning before we had to leave this slice of heaven. The lake was a bit rougher than the previous day and oh so inviting. I sunned my toes on the dock before we headed out. I can hear the water hitting the rocks and the dock.

Yup... that's where I want to be today.


  1. Simply beautiful!! I would love to be there too!

  2. Good golly those pics are gorgeous!!