28 July 2012

to your art's content

We had Kira's birthday party at To Your Art's Content and it was a great time! The girls did a great job with their pieces and had fun. While I was paying, I noticed they do a six month art club for both adults and kids. Unlimited studio time, a free piece for the kids, a free mug for adults to enjoy their hot beverage in, a percentage off of their items they create and a snack for the kiddos. hmmm... sounded wonderful. Talked it over with hubby and he thought it sounded great too.

So off we went on one day. We got us all situated and off we went. The kids painted their free pieces plus a dog so it took us a couple hours to complete everything. But it was great. Very relaxed and fun. These pieces that they created will be for them. The next few... Christmas presents for friends and family. Very excited about that... as are they. We're going to work on our list of what we want to make for everyone and start checking off those presents. Woohoo!!

Here's my girl with that silly grin of hers painting her first piece. I think it will be called FireStar which is one of the cats in her Warriors book series. She did a good job and even got the star on the forehead. So talented!

Here is my serious artist. Him actually holding the piece and having paint on his fingers and hands is a HUGE step. This boy HATED having dirty hands when he was creating. So totally my kid. But he embraced the paint and knew he could wash it off... which he did. He really got into it. Love seeing him grow this way.

And here are the four completed pieces they created. Left to right... Random Brown Dog and FireStar created by Kira along with GingerSnap and Woofie created by Alex.

I cannot wait to see them all fired up and coming home. I think we are going to enjoy the next six months of creativity!

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