02 July 2012

ikea...how i love thee

Let me count the ways....

Seriously am totally head over heels in love with IKEA now. I didn't get it until I went to check it out. Now I understand... and am sorry if I ever mocked anyone for their adoration. I get it.

Driving up.... I'm getting chills just sharing these pictures. drool...

Inside map while we were in the showroom totally loving it. I could have spent the whole day there and still not see everything. I will be going back. Promise!!

I had to laugh at this sticker that was on a display toilet. Seriously... I would have hated to have been that employee that found the customers 'mistake'.... ewwww.

Look at that glorious aisle of IKEA happiness! And this was only half of the aisle. We had already walked down part of it! I wish I could have taken the entire stockroom home with me.

Us down another aisle. They have so much stuff!!

Our cart of goodies heading home with us!! oh, if you see my kids, don't tell them that the pink and blue circles are for them. They are really cute hanging plush homes. They are going to love them when they get back home!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I'll share more pictures from our adventure another day.


  1. OMG how funny, we bought those pink and blue things too for the kids!!! Remember when I posted last year about my first trip to IKEA?? Ya, I totally get it too!!! Good lord that place is amazing.

  2. Yes it is such an amazing place. I totally get it now. Took me a bit but I am riding high on the IKEA train!!