12 July 2012

the other corner comes along nicely

This poor corner has been abused. This is where our Christmas tree goes every year. And it was where the kids play kitchen had sat for MANY years. After many tears and persuasion we were allowed to donate it to the Rec Center for others to enjoy as much as the kids had. I know Kira was hoping I would forget about getting rid of it but I hope she likes how it all turned out.

Doesn't that carpet look amazing??!! Love our new carpet cleaner.

The wall between the two windows in that room. The file cabinet needed to be emptied so it could be relocated to allow the piano to fit into that space. It wasn't easy but we have done it!

Billy bookshelf from IKEA which holds my scrapbooks like no ones business! Lovely.

And here is the filled in bookshelf. Well... I actually have a bit of space left over. Guess I need to scrap more. And fix those lousy labels. Please excuse that.

And the piano in its final resting place. Seriously that thing weighs a TON. Doesn't help that the front legs would snap off if you tried to roll it. We took it very slow but it finally made it from one side of the room to the other.

I am loving how this is all turning out. I think the kiddos will LOVE their new space.


  1. I would agree, they're going to love it! I would adore one of those shelving units, not sure I saw that when we were last there. Do you know that we talk about taking day vacations down to the IKEA store? That's cause it's 3 hours there on a good day, always busier than portapotties on a hot day after a beer festival, and the place is like its own amusement park! We have to move by the end of the month, and we have to get professional movers each time to move the piano. It's an upright 1903 model made of solid mahogany. The thing is a beautiful brute!