09 July 2012

kira's room cleaned and organized

oh yes it is complete. It is one of those projects I do not look forward to doing but it needs to be done and I am so happy once it is done. It's the starting that is rough. 

I love my daughter. Really really love her. Honest. I cannot stand when things do not get put back where they came from. It's one thing when you get new stuff and it doesn't have a home- fine. Let's get it a home. It is a totally different thing when things that have homes cannot be put back in their homes. Seems simple to me. I think Kira just doesn't like putting her fun stuff away. More fun to have it all out and around her so she can see it. We'll have to disagree on this point.

Here's walking in her room. I turned her rug around hoping that it won't travel so much. We'll see. The pile of clothes on her bed are some jammies I need her to try on. I can't remember if they fit her or not.

Her desk all set for school to begin. Looking good. All her books are on the shelves where they should be and not tucked under her bed. I will be labeling all the bins. It's on my list to do today.

More stuffed animals. oh yes. The pink animal holder I picked up at IKEA. So happy I got one for each of the kiddos. They hold so much! I think they will both be happy with who I put in there.

Yes that is the top of the dresser that you see there. I know it has been missing for a few months now. Glad to have it back. I also put up her memo board that we won at the Mommy and Me Tea in May. I added a few of her friends pictures on there. Looking like a big girl lives here. In among the animals and Disney characters.

Hubby cleaned her carpet last night and I finished it up today. So happy that both rooms are all set for the kiddos to return. Now to run to Goodwill and get some stuff out to the loft and my family room will be all set.


  1. Her room looks phenomenal!! It's rather unbelievable, but this is how Taylan keeps her room all the time. How did I get THAT lucky? Braeden, on the other hand, well, he's the equivalent of TWO kids and their messes LOL

    I also still can't believe that you two have parents who take your kids for longer than overnight. Color me 13 different kinds of jealous!!! And hubby's parents are retired with no hobbies!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOW you have been one BUSY Momma!!! I am sure they are going to just scream with excitement when they see these awesome new rooms you have made for them!!